We offer our clients a wide range of selected top products from national and international manufacturers in the field of electrical and electronic measurement, recording and amplification.

Our main products are computerbased instruments and systems to measure, control, check and record physical parameters. They are used almost everywhere in the industry, from R&D laboratories as well as in production and quality control departments.

Typical locations are for example power plants, automotive manufacturers and semiconductor plants. You find our products as well in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Beside standard instruments we offer custom-made solutions, especially in the area of broadband amplifiers.

Our huge spare part stock enables us to repair and fix all kind of electronic instrumentation, even those which are no longer supported by the manufacturer.
As another service we offer calibration of electrical parameters plus temperature. All calibrations are performed in compliance with applicable ISO requirements and our laboratory equipment is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Product highlights:



Broadband amplifier






- Amplifier / generator
- Output power 450W
- Frequency range
  10kHz to 4MHz




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  Complete line of our amplifiers / generators






Plasma Generator






- 13.56 MHz
- max. 600 W
- Pulse mode
- Digital interface




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  Complete line of plasma generators






Data Logger
GL 900






- Large color LCD-Display
- Comfortable PC
- Multifunction input on
   eight Isolated channels




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  Complete line of our data loggers






The only 1GHz analog oscilloscope
in the world*: TS-81000






- 1GHz
- Four channels
- Colour LCD display
- Built-in printer

 *according to the manufacturer



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High voltage probes
HV-P30 / HV-P60






- High voltage
   waveforms of up to
- Wide bandwidth DC to




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Well-known recorder family
DCR 520






- Two up to eight recording
- Universal signal inputs
   (voltage, current, 




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ANALOGIC Einbaumessgerät panel meter Kalibrator Calibrator 25M00 AN 25M01 AN 25M02 AN 2570 8200 6520 AND FFT Analysator Analyzer AD-3525 AD-3524 AD-3523 AD-3522 Spektralanalysator DRANETZ Netzanalysator Netzüberwachung Power analyzer Phasenmeter phase meter Stromzangen Oberwellenanalyse Netzleistungsanalysator Phasenmessgerät Phasenwinkel 656 658 626 646 808 901 305 ELGAR AC-Speisequellen Netzversorgung Wechselspannungsspeisequellen Netzspannungsstabilisatoren power source 1751B 3001B 501B 351B 1751SL 1500SL 2000SL 3500SL 9012 9030 PIP ENI Electronic Navigation Industries ENIPower Leistungsverstärker Plasmageneratoren Breitbandverstärker 1040L 1140LA AP-400 240L 2100L 325LA 3100LA 3200L A150 A300 A500 A1000 LPI-10 LPI-40 503L 525L 550L 5100L 603L OEM-6 OEM-12 OEM-25 OEM-50 13,56MHz 13.56MHz 13,56 MHz 13.56 blanking pulse HPG-2 GENRAD Messbrücke RLC-Messbrücke Digibridge Widerstandsdekaden resistance decades  Kapazitätsstandard Kapazitätsdekaden capacity decades 1657 1658 1687 1689 1433 1404 1412 1413 GUILDLINE Teraohmmeter Temperaturmessgerät 6500 9540 precision thermometer IWATSU Oszilloskope oscilloscopes Analog storage oscilloscope TS-81000 TS-86000 SS-7840 SS-7830 SS-7821 SS-7811 SS-7810 SS-7805 SS-7804 SS-7802 DMM Digital multimeter 7411 7412 7413 7511 7512 7513 Hochspannungstastköpfe Hochspannungstastkopf High voltage probe probes HV-P30 HV-P60 60kV 30kV passive active probes Kepco power supplies Krohn-Hite filter KONTRON Logikanalysator logic analyzer KLA PLA PLA/2 KLA/2 PLA-286 LA-32 LA-64 probes Tastkopf Digitalmultimeter DMM 4120 4121 4030 6001 6003 Universalzähler Reziprokzähler Zähler counter 6010 6020 6030 Funktionsgenerator function generator Pulsgeneratoren pulse generator Wobbelgenerator Synthesizer IEEE Arbitrary generator Wattmeter 50MHz 100MHz 8550 8551 8020 8022 8210 8230 8250 8232 8021 8201 8241 8500 8600 UDW 4501 ONO SOKKI FFT Spektrumanalysator CF-210 CF-350 CF-900 T&C TC Power Conversion Powerconversion AG Ultra LA SUT series linear class-a class-b 1020 1021 1017 1017L L 1015 1006 1016 1014 1010 1012 1024 1048 06-800 0113 0313 0613 1213 ATN-5 AG0201HV 0201HV LA-5 LA-10 LA-25 LA-50 LA-100 PEA25LH AG1020 AG1021 AG1017L AG1015 AG1006 AG1016 AG1014 AG1010AG1012 AG1024 AG1048 AG0113 AG0313 AG0613 AG0201HV high voltage LF generator for Plasma and Cyanogen test broad band low harmonics matching network power drivers W+W WW W+W Elektronik W+W Instruments Transientenrecorder Transientenrekorder Linienschreiber Signalprozessor Mehrkanalschreiber Punktdrucker strip chart recorder transient recorder pen recorder TRA TRF MCR DCR DRS 700 800 850 300 340 310 330 1107 1100 500 520 540 560 Polyrec Linseis Laumann Goertz Metrawatt Houston Omnigraphic transient recorder strip chart recorder multichannel recorder Sefram Kipp+Zonen

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New Data Logger
Fast 8 channel digital recorder GL 900 extends our line of data loggers.